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Forever Smoke Starter Kits:

Our generously equipped electronic starter kits include all of the following:
  • 2 electronic cigarette batteries
  • 1 Atomizer
  • 5 Refill Cartridges (medium strength tobacco flavor)
  • 1 Wall Charger
  • 1 USB Charger
  • 1 Patented e-cig pack for storing your e-cig, refills and charging your batteries while away from a power outlet.
Only $55.00

Forever Smokes Flavored Cartridges:

  • Forever Smokes flavors were designed in Europe by top designers.
  • Select from no less than 8 unique flavors such as RED M or Cool Menthol
  • Choose your strength, from full flavor to ultra-light and even non nicotine.
  • Each cartridge equals 8 cigarettes, so you can smoke about 40 cigarettes for only 5$!
Only $5.00

Now you can smoke FOREVER!

  • Forever Smokes is the only brand currently on the market with over 5 years of experience selling quality tobacco and e-cig products online.
  • Smoke forever, anywhere, anytime!
  • No tar, no smell and no carcinogenic toxins.
  • Save Money. Forever smokes are 75% cheaper than traditional cigarettes.
Only $55.00

What People Think About Smoking Forever

Helen Wright – Seattle Washington

Forever Smokes offer the cheapest, most thoroughly researched and best looking electronic cigarettes available on the e-cig market today. Their Starter Kit comes is also one of the best equipped I have found anywhere and includes their own patented e-cig pack that charges your electronic cigarette batteries while you are on the go. All this for a third of the price of many other e-cigs out there. I am completely satisfied by their product and their service and am so happy to have found this company. As a long time smoker the transition to Forever Smokes has been smooth and easy and their service has always been of top quality. This is definitely the brand to go for if you are considering switching over to electronic cigarettes

Mark Davis – Ontario Canada

Finally an electronic cigarette that does exactly as advertised with no reliability issues or faulty quality control. Forever Smokes is both the best and the cheapest e-cig currently on the market and also comes packed with the most accessories to boot. Great Stuff from a company that truly cares about its customers and aims to please as much as it aims to sell. I cannot rate this product highly enough, I have tried several others in the past but was always left disappointed. Forever Smokes have reinvented the electronic cigarette and for this they deserve the highest praise. Excellent work guys and brilliant service. Thanks!

George Holmes – New York

The savings that are advertised on the Forever Smokes site are relative, and by that I mean that for smokers like me who live in New York, where cigarette prices are among the highest in the entire country, the savings are even greater! My decision to switch over was both for health reasons and financial ones and I am so pleased to report that this product has done wonders for me in both areas!I have now been free of tobacco cigarettes for over four months and have never looked back. I'm healthier, lighter on my feet and I can put the money I would have wasted on tobacco over these months to much better use. Great deal from a great company! I have nothing but praise for them.
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